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Sunday Stealing: Isolation Edition

Thank you, Sunday Stealing!

1. Day 1 of serious isolation behavior:
Was no different than any other weekend afternoon or weeknight, except that I was pretty rootin’ tootin’ enthusiastic about not dealing with humanity for two weeks straight.

2. First trip you had to cancel:
I didn’t have anything booked, but the powers that be had approved a meeting that would have found me flying home from San Antonio today.

3. Other trips canceled:
None. It was more that other trips were not planned.

4. Last trip out of town before isolation:
A day trip to Philadelphia.

5. Farthest from home since isolation:
Across the river into Washington, D.C. to go to my office. I had to flee the jack-hammering from the pool renovation that is now in stasis.

I knew they wouldn’t come near to finishing it before the ground got hard. Now there is a whole bunch of rain water collecting in the pool and making an odd and foul sort of mud with the concrete dust, dirt blown into the pool by the wind, and random leaves.

Nope. Still no Hoffa. Twenty-two days until moving day.

6. Last meal sitting in a restaurant before Isolation:
I can’t remember.  

7. How many books have you read?
Four and a half. It takes me forever to get through a book because my reading habits veer more toward magazines and blogs.

8. First event you didn’t attend due to virus:
Brunch for a friend’s birthday. We canceled it.

9. Date and event of last over 200-person event:
BLM protest in June, Washington, D.C. Some things are worth risking your life for. Protesting oppression and police brutality is one of them. But guess what? We all wore masks, unlike those stupid, idiot, racist, bigoted, inbred, corn-fed, white supremacist Proud Boys who insist on coming to D.C. to spread their viruses, not only of COVID-19, but of stupidity as well. Trump LOST, idjuts. Quit crying. Or, to put it in language people like you originated and therefore should be able to understand, fuck your feelings.

10. Last live music event:
ProgPower, September 2019.

11. Things you are eating more of since isolation:
Junk, garbage, crap, junk, snack food, sweets, junk, and junk. And my waistline has paid for it, boy howdy.

12. Things you are eating less of since isolation:
For a while it was brown rice because I couldn’t find any anywhere. Same with veggie sausages.  Happy folks got into meat alternatives, though.

13. What restaurants have you gotten take-out meals from?
A local Thai-fusion place a couple of blocks away.

14. Have you found yourself bored in isolation?
Nope! Stressed maybe, because a certain little bird doesn’t understand that just because his human servant is home, that doesn’t mean she can give him attention all day long as she is trying to work.

15. Have you gained or lost weight?
Gained. That’s one more reason I can’t wait to move. I know you can’t outrun your fork and all, but my current place has wall-to-wall carpeting and that is not conducive to cardio-kickboxing and other HIIT workouts, which I love, love, LOVE to do. My next place has flooring.

16. Do you drink alcohol?

17. If so, more or less in isolation?
The same, until I stopped a couple of weeks ago. I have this completely obnoxious and rare condition called erythromelalgia. It was in remission for five years until last winter. Bottom line is that it makes it nearly impossible for me to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time when it is in flare, so my doctor prescribed a super-strength antihistamine to take at bedtime so I sleep through the attacks. Granted, I will probably sleep through a fire, too, but the point is that mixing alcohol with that stuff can cause bad things like, say, death, so I’ll pass on the nightly glass of grape until the condition is under control again.

18. What entertainments have you explored?   
Wonderful things. Wonderful terrible things, MUAH HA HA HA…

Okay, I hit level 363 on this phone crack this morning.

19. Gotten into anything new?
See, phone crack, above.

20. Have you done crosswords? Board bames?  Jigsaw puzzles?
Crosswords, sudoku, cryptograms, word-searches, jigsaw puzzles. See? Never bored. #smugintrovert

21. Have you cleaned out some cabinet, drawer, closet, etc. thoroughly?
I’m moving, so doing all of that now.

22. Are you spending about the same amount of money?
More, and my dermatologist appreciates that. (Now is the time for things like getting spots off, laser resurfacing, etc.)

23. Done Zoom, Facetime, etc. meetups?
Not with video enabled. I despise cameras for all kinds of reasons, but videoconferencing has taken my hatred of the things to a whole new level. First, people don’t even use them right. They talk into their monitors, so they don’t even look like they’re looking at you. You’re supposed to talk into the camera. Second, I’ve seen up more nostrils than an otolaryngologist at this point, so ick. Third, enough people have passed comments about liking to look into other people’s homes that it totally got my back up about it. I am a SUPER private person that way. I am aware that one can use backgrounds and so on, but then people comment on that like it’s an affront to them that you dare to protect the sanctity of your home and ah, shaddup. Really. My home is my sanctuary. Aside from service contractors, you have to be special and dear to me to cross the threshold, and that includes with cameras.

24. Had a social occasion with a small group of people you consider safe?

This is why we can’t have nice things—like a flattened curve.

25. Did you vote? In Person? On Election Day?
I voted in October, in person. I couldn’t wait to make my mark against Tangerine Mussolini.

Sunday Stealing

Thank you, Sunday Stealing!

1. What is the craziest, most outrageous thing you want to achieve?

I am at a loss for this. I don’t put time and effort into crazy, outrageous goals. Plus, I am too lazy to do the work required to climb Mt. Everest.

2. Have your parents influenced what goals you have?

My parents are long dead and gone, so not lately. They did encourage me to go with my natural traits and talents, however, which is how I ended up in journalism. (Curiosity + skepticism + writing.)

3. What is a fashion trend you’re glad went away?

‘80s shoulder pads.

Aries? Fallopian tubes? Hard to tell.

4. What word or saying from the past do you think should come back?

“Bee’s knees.” I use it, but sometimes people look at me like I’m nuts when I do. “Barf” is another one. In fact, it would be totally tubular if “barf out, gag me with a spoon” came back.

5. What do you bring with you everywhere you go?

Aesthetic appreciation.

6. Is there such a thing as a soul?

Nope! We are animals. “Intelligent” animals, but animals nonetheless. To assume homo sapiens is somehow special denies that we are basically one bit of one gene on one chromosome away from being chimpanzees.

7. Is there life after death?

Not in a “soul” sense, but we are all made of matter, and we do get recycled. That is, unless you are cremated and your ashes are kept on someone’s shelf. Then whatever matter didn’t escape through the crematorium exhaust is kind of stuck on the shelf. NOTE TO MY FRIENDS: Do not do that to me. Being that sky burials are illegal in the United States, please scatter me in a forest so I can land on the ground and become part of a tree where birds like to hang out.

8. Do you think there will ever be a third world war?

I hope not. It will be very short if there is and it involves either North Korea or Pakistan. Ka-BOOM!

9. What smell brings back great memories?

Balsam Fir trees. ‘Tis the season!

10. How would you like to be remembered?

As someone who, although sassy and a bit of a smart-ass, had her heart in the right place. Come to think of it, I would love it if “kiss my grits” came back into vogue, as well.

Flo would approve.

11. What kind of music are you into?

Mostly industrial: Filter, NIN, Stabbing Westward, Tool. But really anything except gospel, Christian music outside of Christmas music, and gangsta rap. Not too fond of country, either, but I do like a few country songs.

12. What is the biggest surprise of your life?

Given the number of times I’ve cheated death, the fact that I’m still here.

13. If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Salad. You can do a lot with that. No, this answer isn’t cheating. You didn’t say one “ingredient.” You said one “thing.”

14. Where is the most awe inspiring place you have been?

Various peaks in Shenandoah National Park.

15. Describe your life in six words.

Filled with all kinds of surprises.

Sunday Stealing

1. What has been your favorite part of the year so far?
New Year’s Day. This is 2020 we’re talking about here. It has all been downhill after that. Well, except the song below and the others in the series. Bummer that there are only two left, this month and next month.

2. Have you started Christmas shopping?
Nope. I don’t do that. Experiences, not things, folks.

3. Do you like your handwriting?
After doing the morning pages for about a month, the only positive thing I can say about my handwriting is that if anyone ever does find my handwritten journals, they won’t be able to glean any secrets from them.

4. Song you could hear over and over and over again.

5. A favorite quote.
Work to live, not live to work.

6. Last dream you remember.
I was on a train and someone kept asking me what I weigh until finally I told them to stop being a snorf, at which time they turned into a creature akin to Q*bert, but made of lavender upholstery.

7. Most expensive object you want to buy right now.
Speaking of upholstery, a couch. I’m moving and my furniture is 20 years old and shot, especially the couches. Hoping to downgrade to just one, as opposed to a sofa and a loveseat, because as noted above, experiences, not things.

8. Describe your eldest family member.
Sociopathic enough to be in politics.

9. What has your weather been like?
It finally feels like fall here. Cool, rainy, and cozy.

10. Do you enjoy your job?
I like the work and I appreciate the mission of the organization I work for.

11. What is your favorite everyday item?
My Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. It’s nearly seven years old, but it’s a fabulous piece of technology for what I use it for–casual games, reading, surfing, and watching shows on the go. It’s a shame Amazon doesn’t make them any more.

12. Are you currently obsessed with any TV show?
Two, actually: The Spanish Princess and The Undoing.

13. Book you’d like to read before the year ends.
Currently reading Half of a Yellow Sun.

14. Describe kindness.
Kindness is a willingness to put someone else’s needs before your own wants and convenience. It’s people who wear masks, hold doors open for others, step to one side when walking toward someone who is carrying packages, hang bird-feeders, and, when told of someone else’s hardship or struggles, offer help.

15. Describe your favorite candy in great detail.
Smooth, rich, melts in your mouth, and delivers a nice bit of magnesium.