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A scary day.

Some frights I can do without. My liege-lord and Banana King (dubbed the Nanner King) Inigo the Nanday gave me quite a scare today by having a second nosebleed in 24 hours.


This may not look like much, but birds don’t have a lot of blood to lose. Also, Nandays are prey species and they hide illnesses so they aren’t singled out as weak by predators, so more often than not, by the time a bird shows signs of being ill, it’s too late. In other words, you don’t want to mess around with something like this, especially because Nandays can get something called Bleeding Conure Syndrome. He generally eats well, and his food pellets are some of the best money can buy (Roudybush), so it’s unlikely he has a nutritional deficiency to cause this, but I’m not so sure he gets enough sunlight, so my next investment will be full-spectrum lighting. Birds need UV rays.

There has been no further bleeding, and he’s eating, playing, preening, pooping, and bossing me around like normal, and as I type this, he’s “working on his webpage” (mimicking the keyboard), so I’m pretty sure he’ll be okay. But I’m keeping an eye on him. He just turned 15 last week and his species lives about 20-25 years in captivity, so he’s not an old bird by a long shot. He has been with me through marriage and divorce, a couple of beaux, a long-term relationship, and four moves. I may migrate around the country, and men come and go, but this guy is forever.

(If you’re on Instagram and like pet accounts, he is @inigo_nanday.)

Above Bough

Tonight I spent about three hours going through old notebooks. I always have at least one notebook in reach, even in the kitchen, so I can record an idea or turn of phrase when it comes to me. Also, I’m terrible at math and am always logging things like caloric intake and bills. The notebooks tend to be a bit hodge-podge, with everything jumbled together on random pages. Ironic, considering how organized and neat I usually am, but hey, sometimes I just need a piece of paper, any piece of paper, before the words evaporate.

There were a lot of random bits of poetry in some of the notebooks. Nothing finished, unless I put it together from the magnets on my refrigerator. I guess I’m not a closer that way. Best part is that I spent so long going through all of it, and marveling at how gawd-awful some of it was, that midnight came and went without a blog post.

BUT! I’m still up, so it’s still today. Why, hello, back-dating to one minute before midnight.

Here’s one from my fridge, made with the Bird Lover Magnetic Poetry Kit, date unknown, probably 2010.


I still need to set the kit up on my current refrigerator so Inigo can start writing, too. He’s better at it than I am, the little stinker. He’s lucky he’s so cute.

Inigo’s Best 2015

In lieu of a year-end retrospective—the move pretty much consumed my year—I thought I’d start a new tradition for the New Year’s Eve eve post and dedicate it to Inigo, my awesome feathered kid.


I took this in November. He was sitting on a throw pillow on my lap on the bed while I tended to his Instagram. It had been raining nearly non-stop for two days, and when the sun broke through for 10 minutes, he made the most of it. This picture is the essence of a happy, curious, Inigo, and it makes me smile every time I look at it.