Zenzalei (ZEN-zah-lay’) is a nonsense word I made up when the first 10 or 12 names I wanted on Instagram were taken. My account there started as a normal, if boring, collection of photos depicting the mundane stuff of life, but then my bird, Inigo the Nanday, took over. Now he owns that account and it’s named after him, leaving me to start a new one with Zenzalei all over again.


Someone call me?

This site is mostly mine, however. It will include Inigo, of course, but there’s no real theme to it. Entries are categorized so you can read the kinds you like and skip the kinds you don’t.

About the Writer

It’s better to show than to tell, but the basics are that I’m an American woman who loves birds, music, nature, science, hockey, movies, fitness, vampires (but not the sparkly ones!), chocolate, and wine. In real life I’m a journalist, but I’d rather just keep that separate.

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