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Holidailies 2016!

Okay, so Horrordailies didn’t work out so well for me. I feel guilt. I feel shame. I hang my head low and sigh.


But Holidailies? It’s on.

And already I’m stealing an idea from a fellow blogger, Mary of the Red Nose, and doing a general introduction with 10 things about me, glorious me! (“Mary of the Red Nose.” Sounds saintly, heh!)

1. I’m a writer. A freelance journalist to be exact. Health, because basically I didn’t do so well in biochemistry in high school so med school was out.

2. I have a bird. Look at this sweet face.

Inigo the Nanner King

Inigo the Nanner King

Do not let him fool you. He can be a little devil.

Handsome little devil, eh?

Handsome, if soggy, little devil, eh?

Don’t mind the watermark. That’s his Instagram handle.

3. I’m a vegetarian. I guess technically you could call me a lacto-ovo-pescatarian, but I’m doing my best to work dairy and eggs out of my diet and seafood is generally my “going out” food if none of the meat-free options on the menu look appealing. Even then, I try to keep the environment in mind. I don’t keep milk, eggs, butter, or mayonnaise in my fridge, and I recently bought some vegan “cheese,” which is kind of bland, and Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Chocolate Fudge Brownie, which tastes nothing like the original ice cream and requires me to reframe it as its own thing instead of as a substitute. It’s not bad. It’s just not uber-chocolatey. I’ve given up on trying to find an alternative to milk, as every one I’ve tried made me gag, so I just don’t have cereal anymore.

4. I’m an atheist. This, with 12 years of Catholic school behind me. Oops. Once upon a time I was a Unitarian-Universalist, having converted away from Catholicism, but I don’t claim a religion anymore.

5. Oh, as long as we’re getting all of “those” things out of the way, I do HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts, but not Cross-Fit, so I’m not too obnoxious, I hope. Hey, I’ve seen the memes.


6. I’m ambiverted, but if push comes to shove I will claim introversion and the Myers-Briggs indicator of INTJ. Some call this type The Architect. Others call it The Mastermind. In terms of characters with the INTJ personality, I tend to identify with Jean-Luc Picard and not Dexter Morgan. Usually. (There’s actually a dearth of female INTJ characters. The most famous one is Clarice Starling. Hannibal Lecter is an INTJ, too.)

Now there's two sides of the same coin. (Image: Orion Pictures)

Now there’s two sides of the same coin. (Image: Orion Pictures)

7. My favorite color is purple. Just saying.

8. I’m straight, but could not possibly care less what anyone else is. Well, unless I’m interested in dating a guy. Then it kind of matters which way he swings.

9. I’m originally from Long Island but consider the D.C. area home, namely the Virginia side of the river. I toy with the idea of moving to the Maryland side, but I’m a Virginian in mindset in many ways. I kid people that I’m the next best thing to a socialist, but there are moderate, or even somewhat conservative, things about the Commonwealth that appeal to me, things that just scream “VIRGINIA,” as in, we don’t do parole. Also, up to 70% of Internet traffic flows through northern Virginia. Be nice to us, especially you there, in Silicon Valley. Also, Shenandoah National Park. You need to see Skyline Drive to believe it. And peanuts. And the Virginia Reel. And Thomas Jefferson. Did I mention Thomas Jefferson? Hamilton can suck a peanut, that authoritarian cur.

10. I have a crush on France and Finland. If you put me in France or a French-speaking area for a few months, a lot of my French would come back to me, and I could get by. If you put me in Finland for a few months I would still only be able to order a beer and insult people, maybe even at the same time. Have you ever taken a good look at Finnish?

A famous Polandball comic, as seen on Reddit.

A famous Polandball comic, as seen on Reddit.


A scary day.

Some frights I can do without. My liege-lord and Banana King (dubbed the Nanner King) Inigo the Nanday gave me quite a scare today by having a second nosebleed in 24 hours.


This may not look like much, but birds don’t have a lot of blood to lose. Also, Nandays are prey species and they hide illnesses so they aren’t singled out as weak by predators, so more often than not, by the time a bird shows signs of being ill, it’s too late. In other words, you don’t want to mess around with something like this, especially because Nandays can get something called Bleeding Conure Syndrome. He generally eats well, and his food pellets are some of the best money can buy (Roudybush), so it’s unlikely he has a nutritional deficiency to cause this, but I’m not so sure he gets enough sunlight, so my next investment will be full-spectrum lighting. Birds need UV rays.

There has been no further bleeding, and he’s eating, playing, preening, pooping, and bossing me around like normal, and as I type this, he’s “working on his webpage” (mimicking the keyboard), so I’m pretty sure he’ll be okay. But I’m keeping an eye on him. He just turned 15 last week and his species lives about 20-25 years in captivity, so he’s not an old bird by a long shot. He has been with me through marriage and divorce, a couple of beaux, a long-term relationship, and four moves. I may migrate around the country, and men come and go, but this guy is forever.

(If you’re on Instagram and like pet accounts, he is @inigo_nanday.)

Inigo’s Best 2015

In lieu of a year-end retrospective—the move pretty much consumed my year—I thought I’d start a new tradition for the New Year’s Eve eve post and dedicate it to Inigo, my awesome feathered kid.


I took this in November. He was sitting on a throw pillow on my lap on the bed while I tended to his Instagram. It had been raining nearly non-stop for two days, and when the sun broke through for 10 minutes, he made the most of it. This picture is the essence of a happy, curious, Inigo, and it makes me smile every time I look at it.