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A reminder.

This morning a friend and former coworker reached out to me with news that someone I worked with at my old job passed away last night. He was young, I don’t think 60 years old yet, and had been on a heart transplant list. He had a wife, adult kids, young kids from his second marriage, grandkids.

Once again, I am reminded that at the end of life, no one ever says they should have worked more, spent more, bought more, haggled more, proven a point more, argued on social media more, been “right” more. The regrets people have are always about the joy they could have had and chose not to, so when you have the chance, spend the time with loved ones, see the world, write the novel, paint the pictures, play the music, run the races, give to the community, pursue the hobbies, have the fun, and do what lights you up.

That’s all I have to say for today. Horrordailies will resume tomorrow.