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Coquette Mess

This is what happens when I’ve been sitting here for two hours starting and trashing entries: A flung-together haiku from the Language is a Virus Electronic Poetry Kit with the words of Charles Bukowski.


Language is a Virus is a fun little site, by the way. Lots to do there, and some of it is rather amusing. I plugged the first paragraph of my About page into the WTF-o-Vision and it gave me this:

Zenzalei (ZEN-zah-lay’) isn’t a nonsense song I made down what a
first 10 and 12 names I haveed off Instagram are taken. mine account here
started loathe a normal, what boring, collection from photos depicting a
mundane stuff from life, because now mine nightengale, Inigo a Nanday, took over.
now he owns so account and he’s named after her, leaving me from start a
new none without Zenzalei every over again.

It reads like the spam comments Akismet so graciously sends to my spam folder.

Warning: Some of that site is not safe for work because of language, and it’s R-rated in parts. Enjoy!

Quickie pretty sparkly entry.

The last Saturday before Christmas tends to be a super busy day for a lot of folks, myself included, so here’s a quickie: My current laptop wallpaper.


At the risk of sounding spammy, I get my desktop images at Desktop Nexus. Each month I use a different one, and usually it takes me a good 20 minutes to pick it out (so many sparkly, pretty things!), but purple is my favorite color so my search was over the moment I saw this one. I usually use images from that site for Facebook cover photos, as well. It seems to be a safe site, as I’ve been a member for 5 years (it’s free) and have never had anything untoward happen to my computer. Not sure about copyrights and things like that, though. Sometimes there are repeats of images.

Anyway, sometimes I’ll just sit there for half an hour looking at pictures. It’s as addictive as Instagram that way. Must…resist… Must…get…ready…for…my buddy’s…birthday fun…