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Elon’s Henchmen

Ye gods, I’m so tired of Elon Musk and his sycophants, almost as much as I’m sick of Donald Trump and his. Every time someone criticizes Musk, his (largely White male) bootlickers come out en masse like an indignant and egregiously offended group of Bronies who take criticism of their hero as a personal affront. They need to get some boundaries because negative commentary and satire of a public figure should not prompt that much butt-hurt and aggro in those who admire the person.

Even worse, they want to make it political, like it’s a liberal thing not to like the guy. As someone who identifies as left of center, for me, it’s absolutely not political. He lost me long ago with his antivax garbage and his denigration of higher education, even though he needs people with advanced degrees to build his toys and run his companies. He’s more than a little sexist and racist, judging by his comments, and no, he is not the founder of Tesla like many believe. Tesla was founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. Half the people who come out and rage in Musk’s defense appear to not even know that much.

His sycophants, so many of them armchair “experts” in Constitutional law, want to make it about “freedom of speech,” as though Twitter’s previous bans on hate speech somehow curtail the right to speak one’s mind. The problem with that is that the Constitutional right to “freedom of speech” extends only to the government in that it prevents the government from censoring the press, incarcerating people for peaceful assembly, and punishing those who petition for redress. Social media is privately held, and if the owners want to ban the word “cat,” they have every legal right to. I’ve had other blogs in the past, more popular and well-tended blogs, and I absolutely had a list of words that were banned in the comments because I have no tolerance for intolerance, hate speech, or incivility on any site I run. While my country is designed to be a democracy, my blogs and sites are not. The buck stops with me.

Furthermore, the First Amendment does NOT protect ALL speech. It does not protect incitement, defamation, fraud, obscenity, child pornography, fighting words, or threats. And guess what, kids? More and more courts are finding racial epithets and other forms of hate speech to be “fighting words.”

The Musk syhophants like to go on about how Twitter had “censorship” before Musk came in. I would like to know what is so wrong with a private company wanting to make its platform welcoming to all. Why should women, people of color, trans people, gay people, immigrants, and other marginalized groups have to be subjected to hate speech and bigoted rants meant to intimidate and frighten them? Why should any platform be welcoming to hatred? There is mounting evidence that hate speech online harms the mental health and well-being of the people it targets. It’s a form of cyberbullying, and it is psychological violence.

Sorry, racists, homophobes, and misogynists. You need a better argument to defend that egomaniacal jerk and the way he is further lowering a platform that was already a cesspit of conspiracy theories and low-brow, emotionally stunted discourse.

Sunday Stealing, December 11, 2022

Missed a couple of days of Holidailies, but Sunday Stealing will get me back on track.

1. Wintertime comfort foods, habits, hobbies

Pasta with sauce with vegan sausage. Red wine. Jigsaw puzzles. Pajama days.

2. Favorite seasonal/holiday music and songs 

The old stuff, classic carols sung by Ethel Merman, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, and Vic Damone. My mother went to high school with Vic Damone until he dropped out to support his family, so his “Deck the Halls” was a must whenever we hung up the holly. He also sung in the choir at the church where my parents were married many years later, St. Finbar’s in Brooklyn.

3. The people I want to spend more time with next year

My friends, a city explorers’ group I belong to, new people.

4. How much I could change my life in 1 year if I focused

Going on the past, everything: fitness, finances, career. Now if I only had focus!

5. The valuable lessons I learned this year 

No job is worth making yourself sick over. Of course I knew this all along, but now I REALLY know it.

6. How I’d describe 2022 in 10 words

Fun to start, then it went downhill from April onward. 

7. My favorite Reads of 2022 

Moloka’i and Daughter of Moloka’I, both by Alan Brennert. The first is the story of a girl who grows up in a leper colony on Moloka’i, the second is about her birth daughter, who ends up at an internment camp during WWII. I love stories about Hawai’i as I lived there for a year in my mid-20s.

8. Best movies I saw in 2022

None that I can remember. I have been more about binge-watching since the pandemic started. 

9. Favorite TV shows/episodes of 2022

Stranger Things, finally watched Downton Abbey and Westworld, and my favorite of the year, House of the Dragon. Ooh, I love that Targaryen hair.

If loving Daemon is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

10. Memorable experiences from 2022 

Took a day trip to Richmond in April. It was super hot and we did a lot of miles, but it was a lot of fun. I never spent time there before.

11. Three people I enjoyed spending time with this year 

Don’t make me choose just three. They read this.

12. How I handled challenges this year 

Took time off as needed.

13. What I’m leaving behind in 2022 

The ability of certain individuals to annoy me with their petty dramas, overblown anxiety, childish snits, and insecure power flexes.

14. How I changed most from beginning to end of the year 

I went largely vegan, but for mistakes and a few moments of weakness where I had milk chocolate. It’s a process. Also, to be honest, I became more of a misanthrope, too. The two are related, actually. I’m really disgusted with the way humanity treats animals.

15. What I want to tell myself before the New Year

Other people’s snits are more about them than about me.

Movie goal.

After looking for my favorite Hulk Smash video earlier today—I watch it for catharsis when I’m really, REALLY mad—I got to wondering how many Marvel movies there have been. Turns out there are 40 so far. FORTY. So I might watch one a week for the next however many weeks, for the heck of it. I’ve seen about ten of them, all about Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spiderman, or The Avengers, but I’ve never seen Ant Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. It could be a goal for 2023. I’m going to watch them in story order, not release date order (i.e, Captain America: The First Avenger first, not Iron Man), as I want to move along the timeline of their universe, not Hollywood.

Iron Man is my favorite. I love Tony Stark’s snark. Captain America reminds me too much of my ex-husband, but blond. Same hairstyle, jawline, and profile. Iron Man’s attitude reminds me a little of an ex-boyfriend, too. Hmm, two strikes. Maybe the next one will be Thor.

I don’t know why I fell out of watching them. My tastes run toward horror and art-house/indie films, but I always got a kick out of superhero movies. It springs from watching Flash Gordon as a kid—the black-and-white ones from the mid-1950s with Steve Holland that ran on PBS on Friday nights in the 1970s. I used to watch them with my father, who was a Flash Gordon fan going back to the 1930s and Buster Crabbe. Maybe I’ll see if I can find all of those to watch, too.

Hey, the D.C. area is supposed to get a fair amount of snow this winter. Gotta have something to go with the cocoa.