This year’s holiday wallpaper.

Here’s this year’s holiday wallpaper on my laptop.

I got it at Desktop Nexus, a site that that consists of user-submitted wallpapers. It violates every copyright law in the book, but I engage in the moral turpitude of getting my wallpapers there. Sometimes I also use the images for my Facebook banner. And my personal diary on the very old and very outdated Diaryland. I don’t upload anything there, though. My hypocrisy only goes so far.

Hard to believe I signed up there 12 years ago. I can’t remember how I found it. It might have been just a simple search for a wallpaper site. At the time I had been dating someone for a few years, and we were in that old-shoe stage where two people can sit next to each other on a sofa and goof around on separate computers. He would tool around on message boards and I would show him cool bird pictures on Desktop Nexus.

Weird, the things you associate with one another.

I would link to my profile but it has the same name as my defunct domain, the one that is now Japanese porn. I logged in and saw that the domain had expired four years ago, and that my last entry was January 22, 2017. Oops.

It’s a bummer though, because for a while there, every time that name appeared in a search engine, the account or website affiliated with it was mine, as it was a made-up word like “zenzalei.” I won’t make that mistake again, boy howdy. Sheesh!

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