31 Halloween Blog Prompts for Adults


(Image: Anders Lagerås, via Wikipedia/CC BY-SA 3.0)

(This is a repost from 2016.)

I love month-long blog and journal projects like Holidailies, Horrordailies, and National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). But sometimes I get stuck, especially if there’s a theme, so I thought I’d do a search for Halloween prompts, just in case. Alas, it seems that most of what’s out there is geared toward kids for school projects, so I thought I’d offer up 31 ideas for the grown-ups. I tried to put them in some sort of order to take you on a ride with a few twists and turns, but there are no rules. You can do them randomly, skip some, use them for fiction, split some of them into separate entries, whatever works. Enjoy!

1. Hello! If you’re doing a Halloween blog/journal project, you must like Halloween, right? So why do you like it?

2. Music. What kind of music do you like for Halloween? Do you go for kitsch, like “The Monster Mash?” Soundtracks from horror movies? Goth music? Classical? Just plain dark and forlorn? Share a video or playlist.

3. Memories. Write about the best Halloween you had as a kid. What made it so special? Any Halloweens you’d like to forget? Why? Did you ever prank anyone on Halloween? What did you do? Did anyone ever prank you? What did they do?

4. Childhood costumes. What was your best costume as a kid? Your least favorite? Did you get the pre-fab kind or did you or your parents make yours from scratch? Tell us about a costume you saw on someone else that you really liked. Post pics if you have them.

5. Adult costumes. What was your best costume as an adult? One that didn’t work so well? Do you do traditional themes or current events? What do you think of the whole “sexy” trend, with sexy nurses, sexy vampires, sexy aliens, etc? Tell us about a costume you saw on someone else that you found particularly creative. Post pics if you have them. If money were no obstacle, what is your dream costume?

6. Host or guest? Do you host Halloween parties or go out? Tell us about a particularly memorable Halloween bash you went to. What was so cool about it?

7. Halloween TV. What was your favorite Halloween special as a kid? Do you still make a point to watch it? Do you have a favorite Halloween episode of a TV series? Tell us about it.

8. Screen frights. Were you allowed to watch scary movies as a kid? If so, did they give you nightmares? Which was your favorite one? What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever watched as an adult? What made it so frightening? Have you ever seen a horror movie that’s so bad, it’s good? Which one?

9. Legend and lore. Some monsters and stories are timeless–vampires, werewolves, mummies, ghosts, etc. What’s your favorite traditional monster or story? Why?

10. Fears and phobias. What really frightens you?

11. The supernatural. Do you believe in ghosts, spirits, or other supernatural creatures? Just the good ones? Just the bad ones? Both? Why or why not?

12. Trick-or-treating. Do kids in your neighborhood go trick-or-treating? About how many kids come around? If the tradition seems to have died out where you live, has anything taken its place? School parties? Neighborhood parties?

13. Are you superstitious? If not, why not? If so, how so? Will you skip this prompt because it’s the thirteenth one?

14. Creepy destinations. Do you like haunted houses? Corn mazes? Other spooky attractions? When you were a kid, was there a house on your block where no one wanted to trick-or-treat? Have you ever explored a real-life abandoned building?

15. RIP. How do you feel about death? What do you think is the worst way to die? If you could design your own death, how would you go? Alone? With friends and family around you? If money were no obstacle, would you choose a particular location? Will you be buried in the earth, cremated, placed in a vault, or something else?

16. Need a break? Do something easy: Share a spooky computer or phone wallpaper.

17. Getting candy. What kind of candy did you get when you went trick-or-treating? What kind did your parents give out? Anything you look back on with nostalgia? Anything you loved to get in particular? Anything you hated to get? How did you carry your candy as you went house to house?

18. Giving candy. What do you give to kids now? Have you bought your candy yet or do you wait until the last minute? What do you do with the leftover candy?

19. Food and drink. We know about the candy. Now tell us about other Halloween or spooky food and drinks. A dip that looks like a spider web? A cake that bleeds when you cut it? Cupcakes with eyeballs in the middle? Share a recipe. Even better if it’s a cocktail.

20. Black. Choose something black that you love and write about it. Why do you love it? Bonus: Choose something orange that you love and write about it. Why do you love it?

21. Poetry. Write a dark, spooky, or Halloween poem. Stuck for time? Make it a haiku.

22. Page-turners. Do you read scary novels? Who is your favorite horror writer? What’s the most frightening or bizarre novel you’ve ever read?

23. The scent of Halloween. What smells remind you of Halloween? Do you burn seasonal candles or have seasonal potpourri? Do any scents give you the creeps in general?

24. Mysterious creatures. Ravens, black cats, the guy/girl who lives down the hall. What makes this creature so compelling to you?

25. Scary toys. Did you or anyone you knew as a kid ever have a toy that scared you or gave you the creeps? Why was it so frightening or unsettling? Do you like to play scary or creepy video games? Which ones?

26. Cemeteries. Love them? Hate them? Have you ever toured a famous cemetery or looked for a famous person’s grave?

27. Blood. How do you feel about the sight of blood? Which is worse, your own or someone else’s? Have you ever tasted blood? Do you like it? Are you squeamish about any particular body part, injury, or surgery?

28. Creepy pictures. Have you ever seen a photo that gave you the creeps and just stayed with you in your mind? Describe it. Have you ever taken a creepy photo by accident? What was creepy about it? Care to post it? How do you feel about old, really old, photos from the 19th and early 20th centuries where everyone in them is long dead?

29. Decorations. Do you decorate your house for Halloween? Inside, outside, or both? Do your neighbors decorate? Care to share a few pics? NOTE: Turn off geotagging on your phone so real-life ghouls can’t find out where you live. If you don’t know how, run a search for “turn off geotagging [the name of your phone].”

30. Pumpkins! Do you carve them? Show us your artwork! What do you do with the seeds and guts? What do you do with your jack o’ lantern after Halloween is over? If you don’t carve pumpkins, how do you feel about all of the pumpkin spice products and food everywhere? Do you like it? What’s the weirdest pumpkin spice product you’ve seen?

31. It’s here! What are you doing tonight? Are you—OH MY GOD, BEHIND YOU!

Fashion asks, I answer.

Well, I blew it on Holidailies. My day job takes a lot out of the tank and by the time I get home, the last thing I want to do is sit at a computer again. It’s the thought that counts!

But hey, Sunday Stealing!

What season has your favorite looks? Spring, although I look better in sweaters.

Formal or casual? Formal, or at least business casual. Or at least not jeans. I don’t like jeans. I’m of an age where they are no longer comfortable and when I’m not at work I much prefer pants. Black pants. Lots and lots of black pants.

Thrift store, boutique, or online? Boutique, if by boutique you mean Nordstrom Rack, Macy’s, and Marshalls.

What’s your favorite decade for fashion? For women, probably the turn of the century. This century, I mean. For men, the 80s. Miami Vice, to be specific. The 80s were the closest American men have ever come to chic on the daily. They wore color. Color! On American men! Now? Oh, dear gawd, enough with the olive cargo shorts, ratty t-shirts, ball caps, and brown flip-flops. Flip-flops suck, okay? That goes for women, too. They’re for the beach or the pool, not city streets. Of course, if you want cellulitis, by all means, splash around in dog feces, rotting food, rat blood, and heaven-knows-what that greenish-brown liquid is by the curb.

Back when men were men and women wore shoulder pads.

Do you like to accessorize? I would if I knew what I was doing. That’s my weak spot.

What does your basic outfit look like? V-neck, pants, boots, tote.

What piece of clothing do you spend your money on the most? Boots and shoes.

Do you wear hats? No. They mess up my hair. When it’s cold I wear headbands.

What is your opinion on wearing socks and sandals together? Don’t. Ever.

What colors do you like to wear? Black, red, purple, royal blue, hunter green, burgundy, occasionally white, but under a blazer or cardigan. Fall is my best for colors.

What are some of the strangest outfits you have seen? Pretty much whatever Lady Gaga wore ten years ago.

What fashions do you hate? Oh, please do not get me started on this whole resurgence of poofy sleeves, high necks, and tiny florals. There is nothing more ridiculous than a grown woman walking around looking like a cross between Holly Hobbie and Laura Ingalls, except for maybe a grown woman walking around looking like a cross between Holly Hobbie and Laura Ingalls while wearing white tennis shoes. Enough with the tennis shoes and dresses.

What are your favorite styles? I like lean lines and timeless elegance. And wrap dresses. And girly Date Night outfits. Also, tropical, but not beach-comber. Think cruise or resort. Visit my URSTYLE profile for a taste of what I would wear if I had unlimited funds and the body for it.

What do you think of body piercing? I try not to. Not a fan.

Do you like dyed hair? Sure, if it’s right for the person’s skin tone.