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Velvet and Cake

Wrote this a long time ago with the Poet Magnetic Poetry Kit online.

Think before you accept the bite, kids. One of the greatest tragedies of being a vampire is that those you love grow old and die and you do not.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: This is why so many vampires have birds as pets. Parrots and other birds can live a long time. Depending on the species, some can live up to 80 years. Compare that with dogs and cats, and you’ll see why after the first couple hundred years or so, some might want a species with some longevity to keep them company. Even George Carlin got broken up by pet death.

But you didn’t hear this from me, and if you try to use this entry in a citation for your Vampire Studies 101 term paper or some other rot I will delete it—and your memory of it, darlings.

And now, some of my favorite neoclassical darkwave music. I love Nox Arcana and fell in love with John Vargo’s music and art a good 15 years ago. Whenever I want to write something on the dark side, whether it’s a story, a scene in a larger piece, or a poem, Nox Arcana sets the mood perfectly. This music is also great for simply relaxing on a cold rainy or snowy night. I’ve put many jigsaw puzzles together and colored many mandala and pictures while listening to different Nox Arcana albums in the depths of winter. There is a serenity to the music that gives me comfort and instills in me a sense of gratitude for autumn and winter. I think the cold seasons are underappreciated and their beauty often missed in a culture that likens sunshine to happiness and joy, but if you live in a place where you get snow, think for a moment of how quiet and peaceful everything is during a snowfall.

This composition is from a collection written during 2020 with respect to the isolation of the pandemic and the determination of the human spirit. Enjoy!