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Good Riddance

I once had a boyfriend who accused me of cheating. He made a big stink over it, to the point where I dumped him. I never cheated on him, but I found out sometime later that he had cheated on me. While we were dating, my ex-husband once got very angry and went on about “intentions” when an ex I hadn’t heard from in years looked me up and called me out of the blue. Turns out the woman my ex-husband pursued before he met me had a boyfriend. When people make a fuss over things like that, it’s often because they’ve done something similar. They will say they “just know” what someone else’s intentions are, but the reason they “just know” is because they, too, have that mindset.

This is why, to my dying breath, I will maintain that the entire Trump presidency was a fraud owing to Russian interference. Trump has always been, is now, and ever shall be a dishonest man who cuts corners, cheats in his professional dealings, and solicits help from scummy people. His presidency was just more of the same, and this, aside from all of the lawsuits waiting for him tomorrow afternoon, is a very big reason he accused Joe Biden of cheating. Trump cheated, himself—and even then, Hillary Clinton got 3 million more votes in the popular vote. He was content with the electoral college then, but when the tides turned, his own sense of the double-standard led him to level accusations of fraud.

The Trump presidency will be recorded as one of the most corrupt in American history, in many ways more corrupt than Richard Nixon’s. His legacy is one of destruction–destruction of peace and unity, destruction of education, destruction of science, destruction of international relations, destruction of health, destruction of the economy, destruction of the environment, destruction of democracy–all of it in the name of personal advancement and egoism. He is a mean, hateful, petty, narcissistic man, one who gives new meaning to the term “ugly American,” and he brought that out in his supporters. By engaging in reprehensible behavior, he gave implicit permission for others to do the same, and by and large, his followers rose to the occasion. If there is one thing about his presidency that we should be grateful for, it is that by casting the nation into darkness, he allowed the racist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic cockroaches to crawl out of the crevices they had been hiding in for generations, so now we know who they are, how very sick this country really is, and how much work needs to be done.

So on this, the last day of a four-year national disgrace, I say good riddance, for we are, indeed, better off as a nation to be rid of him. May we never know another like him.

The now-iconic image by Dominick Reuter / Reuters is how I will remember this guy.