On the Rittenhouse Verdict

Lately I find myself scratching my head over a lot of things, things that ultimately don’t affect me, but that further reinforce my opinion that this country is becoming more fragile and brittle by the day.

For instance, I really don’t understand the outrage over last week’s verdict on Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who shot three people, killing two of them, at the unrest in Kenosha, Wisc., in 2020.

Maybe it’s some kind of backlash in my head. Over the last few years, several of my fellow liberals have flounced out on long friendships because I do not march lock-step with them on every single issue, so I’ll put that out there as my baggage. (I will also question how liberal they really are if they are so intolerant of difference of opinion coming from someone who agrees with them on 80% of the issues.) Also, I’ve never been one for participation trophies and sparing children the challenge of learning how to lose gracefully. I think that kind of thing is coddling that fosters entitlement and does children a great disservice so that when they grow up, they get thrown when things don’t go exactly as they plan, they don’t get what they want when they want it, or they meet with rejection. Honestly? I’m not the progressive so many seem to think I am or wish me to be.

But lately it goes further than that. I have a few thoughts on things that would absolutely either piss off or “disappoint” my fellow liberals. As in, while I would not bring a firearm to a protest, and while Kyle Rittenhouse getting his hands on a weapon is a travesty of both parenting and gun regulation, if I were armed and anyone ever ran after me and chased me into a tight spot between a building and a car, yeah, I might very well turn around and shoot the person. That goes double for if that person reaches for my gun.

Should Rittenhouse have gotten off “innocent” on all counts? No. But I don’t think killing Joseph Rosenblum was intentional. I also don’t think he intended to kill the other two men when he shot them.

Did anyone that night deserve to die? No. But I can see how it happened.

I mean, come on. You have to be a special kind of oblivious to chase someone you KNOW is armed, all but corner the person, and THEN reach for the person’s weapon. Rosenblum was 36 years old. He should have known better than a 17-year-old. He should have been smarter than a 17-year-old.

Again, it is tragic that anyone died. I also firmly believe that if Rittenhouse were Black he probably would not have made it through the night because police would have shot him to death. That is a whole separate injustice and I could go on about that all day.

But no one was innocent that night. No one. All four of those men were out for violence that night, and if you live that way, you need to understand that you may die that way. That is something Rittenhouse will have to live with, too, because that kid now has a target on his back wherever he goes.

Maybe I’m just a moderate. Maybe I’m just out of patience with extremists of all flavors. All I know is that I’m tired of moral outrage that is at heart compelled by political tribalism.

BLOGGER’S NOTE: I will gently remind readers that I’m not here to debate and I have a zero tolerance policy against trolling.

1 thought on “On the Rittenhouse Verdict

  1. mickmar21

    A balanced view? Who would’ve thought it? But kudos to you for taking that path as many refuse to, welded as they are to their opinion regardless of anything else as an opposit stance or open debate is anathma to them.

    Fact check.

    Rittenhouse killed two and wounded one just for the record. Also the wounded person who testified admitted that Rittenhouse didn’t do anything until he pointed his pistol at him. One of the prosecutions failures when it went down this path.

    On a side issue, I would do whatever needed to protect me and my son regardless of the law as it stands in my country. That is something a lot of people fail to understand as they are morally outraged at something that doesn’t impact on them as it is easy to stand on the outside and look in. It is only when reality bites them that they change their stance. Refernece Christabel Bielenberg’s comment in 1930’s Germany and the persecution of the Jews when it bit her in the arse.

    Actually her account of that era from a privileged position should be a cautionary tale and yet it isn’t. Strange much?



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