A Final Gift

Today I went to a wake for a former coworker who passed away earlier this month. He was just a few weeks past his 59th birthday, only four years older than I am.

He died waiting for a heart transplant, yet he was an organ donor, himself. To me, that is testimony to generosity and shows a sense of community and responsibility to humanity that he would leave part of himself to someone he’d never meet, might not have had much in common with, or might even disagreed with politically, philosophically, or in matters of religion and spirituality. I wish more people would regard others as inherently deserving of respect, hope, and second chances, with none of the terrible tribalism we see these days. No matter how long we’re here, it’s still a short while compared with the breadth and depth of time.

Rest in peace, David. I know you’re riding a Harley in the Great Beyond.


For information on becoming an organ donor in the United States, visit the Health Resources and Services Administration’s organ donor website at organdonor.gov. You can provide lifesaving organs to as many as eight people.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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