Feathering the Nest

Overstock, Wayfair, Sherwin-Williams, Bed Bath & Beyond. This is my life now.

But it’s all coming together. I have my bedroom furniture picked out. I just need to call Wayfair to see if I can have it delivered to my new place all at once, as the website is showing me different dates for different items, some before the move, some after the move.

Working on figuring out the new bath set. Still not sure what color scheme I want, as I’m starting with a maple finish on the cabinetry and then it will be a white finish after the renovation. I currently have the Avanti Gilded Birds shower curtain, but it has seen better days, as have the towels I bought to go with it. The mats are right out. The rubber tore under the bath mat about a month ago and I actually have it stapled together, as I knew I was getting new stuff for the new place. Good grief.


I’m running out of “new” colors for my bathrooms. I’ve had ruby red, sea foam green, peach, dusty purple, lavender, and now this tan and gold.

Nope, not blue, as my current loveseat is navy and one wall in the dining room will be blue. Nope, not gray, as my duvet cover is gray as will be my bedroom area rug. Decisions, decisions. Something with birds or nature of some sort, to be sure.

In the meantime, I ordered a couple of area rugs. Nothing too expensive because of a little green pooping machine.

Right after a major splat on the kitchen floor. Sometimes he surprises himself with his own output.


Anyway, I got a 6 ‘ x 9’ for the bedroom…


And a 5′ x 8′ for the living room…


That rug is all kinds of Weaveworld, but it will go with my current loveseat and leave me with plenty of color options for my next sofa, whenever that will be. I will have color!

I got both rugs on Overstock, with free shipping, estimated delivery before Christmas. I’m just going to leave them rolled up to make it easy for the movers.

Is Christmas really a week from tomorrow? It has been a long, difficult year, and yet it feels like Christmas snuck up on me. Weird.

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