Blue Feeder

Inigo_profileThanks for stopping by! I used to have another blog, and all the entries dated before this one come from there. They’re about a year old, but I wanted to have something up so you can get a sense of what will be here. Right now it’s a lot of online magnetic poetry because that stuff is timeless and the old blog discussed news and events that are no longer current, but there will also be “bloggy” entries, prose chronicling the weird, funny, or interesting stuff of life, or maybe a deep thought or two. I’m not sure if I’m going to stick with this layout or the background image for the desktop view, but I’m on a purple and turquoise kick and didn’t want to delay the launch any further, so here we are.

Did you know Inigo the Nanday writes poetry? Six years ago I went to the National Aviary in Pittsburgh and picked up the Bird Lover Magnetic Poetry Kit, which is currently arranged on my refrigerator by parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.). I hold Inigo in front of the words and he taps or grabs them with his beak, and then I arrange them so they make sense. Sometimes he is very assertive and definitive in his selection and practically yanks a word right off the refrigerator. Other times he gently pulls on a word or just touches his beak to it, like, “Hmmm, maybe this would work, not sure.”

Here is his latest, from today:


I assume he’s referring to himself when he chooses “peep,” and I try to keep the pairs or trios of words he selects in the order he picked them out, especially if they make grammatical sense. Just, you know, he’s a bird, so expect his poems to make more sense to his fellow avians than to people.

Please feel free to click around, and do let me know if anything is janky. WordPress changed some of its platform since the last time I used it, and it’s entirely possible I don’t know what I’m doing.


2 thoughts on “Blue Feeder

  1. PiedType

    Welcome back to WP. Don’t worry about being janky. Nobody here knows what they’re doing anymore. WP & Co. has gone nuts, I think.

    That header photo is so sweet! How could anyone not love that face?


    1. zenzalei Post author

      Yeah, he has his moments–when he’s not being a little beastie! 😉

      I’m still figuring out colors. I had a background image, one of the ones they offer, but it was purple and turquoise and I wanted to put the little guy on here and it clashed, so now I’m just messing with the different palettes they offer. Best part is that when you click a palette, it changes the options for background images if you want to use one. Takes the thinking right out of matching link colors and stuff. Anyway, this brownish color–which I’m calling Weimaraner–came up and I thought it brought out Inigo’s eyes.



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