Mimic Kestrel

Inigo wrote another poem today. I hold him in front of the refrigerator and he taps or grabs words with his beak. I believe he’s telling me that although he has a cush life indoors, he could live the life of a small but fierce raptor outside and just doesn’t want to.


This is the second time he has chosen the word “mimic.” Odd, because I put the words back among their groups (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.) before I brought him into the kitchen, so he chose it out of nowhere again. Then again, I was looking at the word “mimic” when I held him in front of the words. Sometimes when I hold the container of hulled sunflower seeds in front of him and ask him to make his selection, more often than not he’ll choose the seed I’m looking at. I wonder if birds read eye cues. Or maybe there is some kind of splotch on the magnet that can only be seen in ultraviolet light, as birds have UV vision and see things very differently than we do.

(Poem created with the Bird Lover Magnetic Poetry Kit using words Inigo picked out.)

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